Meet Hussein Ghareeb

Hussein Ghareeb, Our Artist Extraordinaire!

The Amazing Hussein is from Iraq from which he and his family had to flee. Hussein was the preeminent set designer in Iraq & the  Middle East. He designed sets for theatre, film, television studios and much more. Included at end of photos of work, please see his magnificent contemporary designs.

From childhood on Husein was attracted to art. His parents were very supportive because of his innate ability combined with his strong work ethic. He graduated from Bagdad University with the highest honor in painting and design. After University Hussein enlisted (as is necessary for all males) in the military.

Hussein Ghareeb

With his military duty behind him, Hussein began designing sets for theatre. As his reputation grew, Hussein designed theater sets all over Bagdad and set production in the Cinema Industry. Hussein’s skill and attention for detail earned him a place designing sets for National Television. Hussein was hands-on and supervised all aspects of construction and design and the most sought-after set designer in all of Iraq. Even today, 2018 after fleeing Iraq, Hussein still receives offers for prestigious work in Iraq.

Hussein’s son, Akram, told me that Hussein loves the United States and the freedom our Constitution assures. His two sons, Akram and Abdul attend Cleveland State while working full time. Hussein and his wife have another son who lives in Slovakia where he is a computer engineer. Hussein’s beautiful wife Needa, is also an artist of distinction whom we will feature soon. Needa he won the 2002 International Sculpture award. Hussein’s first love is set design. Of his painting, we have only the highest praise as you will see.

I discovered Hussein and his beautiful wife Needa through City of Hope refugee and immigrant center. This organization works with immigrants and refugees to transform from them from stranger to neighbor.

Hussein’s work is magnificent. Although he didn’t pick up a paintbrush for 25 years, his quality of work hasn’t declined. Look at the quality of work he has created from 2017 – 2018. His brush strokes and the simplicity of form, his sense of atmosphere and emotion are beyond description.

Hussein painted these in less than a year, working one day a week when he was able to join our community. He is indeed AMAZING!!!

Hussein Ghareeb’s Paintings

Hussein Ghareeb’s Set Design