Meet Sophia Tjotjos, Artist Extraordinaire

My brief statement:

Artist in Bloom is a community of painters each learning their own method and expression of oil painting under the direction and expertise of Virginia Cascarilla. I started painting with Artists in Bloom 4 years ago. It has been a journey of self-discovery with my fellow artists as companions and Virginia as an advisor. Painting is an ongoing relationship where patience, time and an open heart yield learning, expertise and beauty.

Who is this magnificent Artist, Sophia Totjos?

Sophia joined our community about four years ago.  She followed each step in my 16-week program for understanding value in hues and designing a canvas.  After that, she soared on her own with her own vision.  It is best exemplified in her latest work which is one of compassion for refugees into Greece.
This image resonated with Sophia who is of Greek extraction as well as a human who understands the vagaries of life.
In this painting, one senses the sweep of immigration which is subtly and not so subtly bringing change to one’s sense of order.  We are living in a time of historic change. The integration of different cultures with our own is a difficult birthing process.  This evolution and its success depend on our own good will regardless of where we are in the political process.
Sophia embraces each painting with humility and quiet confidence.  She paints in the Grisaille method: the term grisaille stands for a monochrome painting or under-painting usually created in shades of gray or neutral grayish colors. Over this Sophia adds glazes of color.  This is a classic approach perfected by Davide and Ingres in the mid eighteen hundreds.
Sophia makes a relatively accurate sketch which considers the design of the painting.  Each work is designed to move the viewer’s eye to rest on important areas.

2 thoughts on “Meet Sophia Tjotjos, Artist Extraordinaire”

  1. Sophia’s art is a delight to every one of the senses! The richness of her sensitive and detail-oriented personality , comes through every stroke she makes on her canvas . It is clear that she comes to the easel well prepared with a unique subject , the right materials , an excellent base drawing , and a heart full of patience.

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