Meet our Artist Extraordinaire, Dr. Chaya Swami from India


Chaya’s paintings are direct and animated with love and
respect, regardless of her subject. Her painting skill
continues to grow with each work. Chaya is an inspiration
and encourages each member of our painting community.
Chaya is a pleasure to work with and adds joy to our

Chaya’s artwork

Chaya’s Experience with Artists in Bloom

It was by a great chance I met Virginia Maloof Cascarilla at an Apple Store. Virginia introduced me to art classes. My sister would recommend art classes as I would paint on bags etc. I started taking art classes and joined ArtistsInBloom.Community at age 62 . It was a new
dimension which I did not know about myself, our life is
to explore our potentialities, any art form is a discipline
and a challenge .

With guidance, instincts can be given a new life, painting to
me like music is a dimension of unknown realms which
need to be explored. I love painting animals as we were
exposed to taking care of different animals while growing
up. My goal is to paint as long as I live to explain themes
of life. As a community when we meet it gives a special
insight as we know how fortunate we are to be able to
grow. It needs patience on both the teacher and
students to work with zeal. Coming from India in 1979 ,
it was a new world and culture, humanity as basis being
the same, we have a deep reverence for guru, it is only
with a blessing you get to meet your guru on the other
hand Confucius quotes a teacher waits for a student
both ways it is a healthy, challenging interaction . I am a
practicing Hindhu, the philosophy is ingrained in me as
we worship both matter and spirit. I enjoy landscapes,
ocean, mountains and ultimate union of matter and spirit.
Love is compassion and love is divinity.

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