Meet Grace Cascarilla

I’m a young and upcoming artist from Cleveland Ohio. I am painter and also trying to break into the performing arts of acting and modeling.

I love the positive and negative spaces that help create visual arts, like painting. Dark and Light passage combined with Line create Strong work that gives are about realities that I abstract in an expressionistically. Artists like Matisse, Georges Roualt and Jasper Johns continue to influence my work.

I want people to be feel invited into a world of beauty and light and imagination when they engage with my work.

Grace Cascarilla

Grace Cascarilla

Grace is an artist whose work engages one immediately. It resonates with the viewer in a dance of shapes that sparkle and communicate joy depth, and meaning.

Grace Cascarilla

See Grace with a photo of her work which was auctioned off on behalf of the Cleveland Museum of Art. The lucky lady to the left out bid eight different people for the prize of Grace’s painting. Grace has started a series of the nude here is an example.

Grace has started a series of the nude. Here is an example

These paintings Witness Grace’s Christian Faith

Grace painting
Grace painting, faith
Grace's painting, faith

Grace’s work has matured substantially in the last two years. Her work was too sensitive and tried to communicate to much.

Now Grace’s work is made up of shapes, nuance and sensitivity are conveyed within the value structure of the work.

You will see the sequence and growth in Grace’s series of flowers. One can almost smell their scent!shapes.

This is the path to success. Congratulations Grace Cascarilla

Latest Masterpiece

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