Meet Artist Extraordinaire: Karen Doyle

Karen Doyle

Upon meeting Karen Doyle for the first time it became immediately apparent that she is both an artist and old soul.
Karen joined our community of Artists in Bloom to develop a visual vocabulary of value and shape. She does this and adds joy to our group.

Realism is seductive but being a Xerox machine isn’t what we do at Artists in Bloom. Karen found her theme in water, a spiritual substance that is ephemeral and transforming. Karen’s work invites the viewer to engage in conversation. I know you will find her work as sublime as we do at Artists in Bloom Ministry….Virginia Cascarilla

I am so grateful that Virginia recognized the artist in me which, without her encouragement, would have likely remained dormant within me. It is through her continued inspiration and guidance that what I paint resonates with me and how I want to express myself. This feeling of connection is a reflection of my inner life, what I enjoy, a tool for self discovery and expression. In essence I have found my creativity, my voice and my soul. I am inspired by the magnitude of sheer beauty found all around us in nature. Even in the simplicity of a single flower. And I love providing a tangible mirror in which others may recognize the beauty of their world.

All beauty comes from love. It is the face of God, where spirit and form meet. The heart feels what the eye sees. It is all around us, we just need to pay attention.

4 thoughts on “Meet Artist Extraordinaire: Karen Doyle”

  1. Karen’s work is large and lovely. I would recognize her work as her style is her own, not cookie cutter. Her paintings, especially those that I observed as she painted them, induce a calm and a serenity which I so enjoyed. Bravo Karen, great to see this beautiful group of enchanting pieces.

  2. There is an alluring mystery in Karen’s work that draws in much more than the eye. The vivid shapes and hues challenge the viewer to see beneath them to a deeper meaning—
    Indeed , a passion for the beauty in nature that is there for those willing to see. It’s apparent that Karen’s vision and her artistic representation have come together in a soulful way.

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