Meet our artist extraordinaire, Eileen Vernon


Eileen Vernon has a life long interest in oil painting five years ago she joined the Artists in Bloom ministry of well-known artist Virginia Cascarilla. Under Gini’s guidance, she has gained self-confidence and is finding her individual voice as an artist.

Eileen’s work has evolved from imitative to constructing an authentic image. Eileen’s work is representational, but not imitative. Each work vibrates with profound understanding of her subject matter. Her paintings give evidence to not only her subject’s soul, but her own bountiful person.


Eileen and her husband, Don, were charter members of The Bay Village Foundation in 1997, where Eileen remains on the board for over 20 years. She helped organize the first Foundation Memorial Day gathering in 2002 and chaired the Honors Plaque program since it’s beginning. She served as Executive director of the Foundation for a few years and as its president for 9 years. She is currently active with the Community Fireworks Committee and the Live Theater in Bay, and, she serves as a lector and Eucharistic minister at St. Raphael’s Catholic Church.

Eileen was one of the drivers of the Community Fireworks Fund that helped save the community’s fireworks display, helped raise the funds for the repair of the City Hall clock; and, as President, she kicked off the plans to refurbish Play-in-Bay

Eileen and her husband Don have been residents of Bay for 32 years. She was debate coach at Bay High School 1985-1988. She served as Executive Director of The Cleveland International Volunteer Organizations. She graduated from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in 1991. Eileen became the Regional Vice President of The American Arbitration Association for twelve years before retiring in 2005.

Before coming to Bay Village Eileen taught speech and debate at Bradley University and hosted a daily talk show for 12 years on WZOE Princeton Ill radio. Eileen and her husband Don are proud parents of Jan, Donna and Christina. They have 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

We are thrilled to have this fireball who works for the common good and evidences God’s Love, to us all.

Seascape by Eileen
A Seascape, 2017. As with all of Eileen’s work, we focus on finding generalized shapes and values which record the artist’s sensibility on painting. We are not painting xerox images, but paintings filtered through our soul.
Don's Catch by Eileen
Don’s Catch
Where Papa Worked by Eileen
Where Papa Worked by Eileen
Fluffy Sleeping by Eileen
Fluffy Sleeping by Eileen, 2017
Nephew by Eileen, 2016
Nephew by Eileen, 2016
Arizona By Eileen
Arizona By Eileen, 2017
In Progress
In Progress, 2017


7 thoughts on “Meet our artist extraordinaire, Eileen Vernon”

  1. Eileen is a fireball in everything she does ! Her self – confidence and generosity of heart come right through her inventive and joyful paintings. And as a mutual portrait lover , I thoroughly enjoy watching her grow as an artist!

  2. Eileen’s work is a joy to observe. I painted with her for almost two years and her pieces were always vibrant and soulful. Her talent and teachable spirit has brought increase in her ability to capture the mood and create beautiful paintings

  3. Viewing the paintings from her gallery that you shared, I found the painting Eileen sent to my husband (her cousin, Pete) and me. It is the loving portrait of our son Peter (7/10/1987-8/2/2014). She truly captured his sweet smile and his gentle soul. It is a treasured gift from a most loving heart.
    Ruth E. Quigley

  4. Eileen’s many talents were recognized as far back as her Princeton days.
    She never stops trying.
    A pleasure to know her and Don.
    Robert A. Nadolny

  5. That’s my sister, we’re all proud of her. The picture of the MCRR now hangs in my Media room. The picture is a tribute to our father who worked for the MCRR (Part of LTV Steel) . Eileen has many talents and painting is one of her best. Keep up the good work.

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