Meet Joe McChrystal: Our Artist Extraordinaire!

You’ve met Joe about two years ago. His work is stronger, bolder and more succinctly organized. Joe is a born story teller and his paintings convey depth, strength and sensitivity in theme and paint handling. His paintings are multi-layer. They engage the viewer into his/her own revelry and thoughts.

Joe’s work is classic, creating reflection and response in the viewer. Artwork is a dialogue between artist and audience. As one can see, his work is not didactic but allows the view entry and exploration in their experience.

Bravo Joseph!

Some paintings were almost monotone early on. Then one cold winter I started to counter with more vibrate color to force myself to have more light and positive emotion. Various forms of yellow I find calm in. When i re-purpose a painting that was drab I will add more colors probably from sun conscious.

The process of painting abstract or expressionist is like navigating on the high seas or out in space until some solid forms arrive. Maybe its trying to find clarity… I could call all my abstracts “A glimpse of sunshine trying to get through.”

The class setting is a positive energy. Everyone gets lost in there painting until the right shapes begin to make sense. Certain images from magazine or other random paintings strike an emotion I find needs to be combined to form a new image…its like falling in love with a beautiful person that you never see again but the image in your mind remains.


2 thoughts on “Meet Joe McChrystal: Our Artist Extraordinaire!”

  1. Joe,
    It is heartwarming to see the ongoing maturity of your work . Pairing your pieces with your stated reflections, manifests the definition of a true and talented artist.
    Congratulations !!


  2. Joe’s works so his gentle nature and love of light and bringing goodness to the viewer. Joe has a wonderful eye and has grown in his works. He is a joy to have in class and don’t know what we would do without his help and good nature.

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