About Virginia Cascarilla, Founder

My name is Virginia Maloof Cascarilla.  My mission is to mentor people into translating their life experiences into visual poetry.

As a Professional Artist and as a lifelong volunteer in the arts I initiated and installed The  Art Lady Program for Elementary Students at both Saint Marks in Cleveland, Ohio.  I developed a Natural History program and started the St.Luke’s ( Lakewood, Ohio)school Newspaper.  All my adult life  I’ve volunteered with the homeless, disabled adults and disabled children. I design the  Offical Holiday Cards for Project ALS and created ‘Noras Collectible Greeting Cards’ based on my paintings.  25% of profits from these cards go to Project ALS.  I taught as an adjunct professor at Cuyahoga Community College and The Cleveland Institute of Art.  I was a teaching assistant at Michigan State University and have taught workshops in Florida and Michigan. In addition to creating Artist in Bloom Community. I volunteer with  Refuges, teach them to read and prepare them to become citizens of the United States at  City of Hope in Cleveland, Ohio.  While there I’m helping a refugee from Sudan to write a book about her experiences when her entire village was massacred. She is illustrating this book as well.  Very profound.

Value, Design and the ability to Adjust manifests itself in every aspect of our lives and this planet. PAINTING allows us the opportunity to process the experiences of life and co-create.  If you want to discover a new language, find an authentic voice or find a way to enlarge the range of your voice, then join us.  The requirement is a positive attitude toward Work and Play.

All the work on this website is copyrighted whether marked or not.