A Painting is Worth a Thousand Words

Art is a Visual Vocabulary

Artists in Bloom is a Community of Inter-Faith Artists from many countries.  We hail from Iraq, India, Syria, and the USA.     Our goal is to translate and transform our lives into visual poetry and to raise consciousness about global issues.

  Artists in Bloom Community  is about giving one a new vocabulary and grammar to express our life’s experiences.   We learn a new language of visual elements which allows us to a visual vocabulary to express the landscape of our lives.  This commmunity is  life changing and affirming.

Two essentials in life and art are value and design. We teach you to mix hues to achieve and see values. We learn to design a canvas as a life for success.

Value, design and the ability to adjust manifests itself in every aspect of our lives and this planet. Painting allows us the opportunity to process the experiences of life and co-create.  If you want to discover a new language, find an authentic voice or find a way to enlarge the range of your voice, then join us.  The requirement is a positive attitude toward work and play.  We do both at Artists in Bloom Community!

Our Mission

To mentor people into translating their life experiences into visual poetry. Artists in Bloom is a community of inspiration and redemption. In each class, you will learn a visual grammar as you create visual music or poetry on canvas. 

Why Art?

Each painting, each effort affirms life.  Life is filled with suffering and blessings. Words may not the best vehicle to express our Journey. Each painting becomes an antidote to life’s uncertainty.

Our Vision

Artists in Bloom says yes and helps one another find meaning and dignity through our journey. Through our work, we build a community to support one another.

Upcoming Events

Summer 2018

Artists in Bloom Community will hold an  exhibition of their work at Bay Arts in the Sullivan Gallery 28795 Lake Road, Bay Village, Ohio.  Our  formal Art Opening will be held on Friday, July 13, 2018, from 7:00 until 9:00 pm.  Our work will be on display from July through August, 2018 at Bay Arts.  Please phone Bay Arts at 440 871 6540
We are a community artists from beginner to professional.  Our community is composed of artists  from the U.S.A, India, Iraq, and Syria.
 This exhibit of our work is primarily based on the theme of compassion and transformation to our global humanitarian crisis in our midst  (other works will also be on display).


In 2019, we look forward to being represented at the Wasmer Gallery at Ursuline College. We will have the opportunity to display two or three paintings. One I hope will be about people helping people – from refugees to Texas.
Stay tuned for more information as these events unfold. | Last updated 9.5.2017

Meet Our Artists Extraordinaire

These talented artists make up our community

Our Monthly Featured Artist Extraodinaire


Meet Hussein Ghareeb

Hussein Ghareeb, Our Artist Extraordinaire! The Amazing Hussein is from Iraq from which he and his family had to flee. Hussein was the preeminent set designer in Iraq & the  Middle East. He designed sets for theatre, film, television studios and much more. Included at end of photos of work, please see his magnificent contemporary designs. From childhood on Husein

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